This product faithfully reflects our effort at of ripe fruit like apricot and pineapple. choosing the best grapes in select vineyards of Quiroga and San Clodio Valleys.


Visual: Pale yellow colour with a gol den and straw-coloured schemes, clear and bright with a thick and glyceride tear.
Olfactory: Strong aromatic intensity with an aroma bringing us to mind tropical fruits like pineapple, white fruit like pear and stone fruit like green plum on a light citric crux (lemon peel).
Palate: Once tasted, it is silky, enveloping and kind. In the mouth it is greasy of warm body, good structure anda fresh and pleasant acidity . The aftertaste is long, persistent, sweet and appetizing, with a reminiscence
Serving suggestions: Serving temperature: 8-ll•C . At least 10 minutes aeration befare serving.
Gastronomy / Wine-pairing: Ideal with all kinds of dishes based on seafood rice and/or fish, grilled whitefish, shellfish (grilled, raw or sauced), not too seasoned white meat and soft cheese (like Galician “tetilla” cheese).

Bruno Lovelle, Sumiller