This product faithfully reflects our effort at choosing the best grapes in select vineyards of the Quiroga and San Gladio Valleys.


Visual: Straw-yellow with a bit of vivid gold colours, clean and bright with a thick and gliceride tear.
Olifactory: Right aromatic intensity with aromas bringing us to m ind a pear and a n a cid apple overa toasted spice base (such as vanilla).
Palate: Once tasted, it is sweet and fresh. In its way along the mouth it is warm, of powerul body, fresh acidity and significant tannin but appetising. The aftertaste is long, fresh and flavourful, with a spicy and toasted character, recalling chocolate, vanilla, biscuits, coffe, …
Serving suggestions: Serving temperature: 12-14°C. Aeration at least 10 minutes before serving.
Gastronomy / Wine-pairing: White and blue fish, grilled or griddled, white meat, traditional stew and roast not too much seasoned, rice and pasta served with meat or fish and semi-soft cheese pastes. (San Simon da Costa, … ).

Bruno Lovelle, Sumiller