This product faithfully reflects our effort at choosing the best grapes in select vineyards of Quiroga and San Clodio Valleys.


Visual: A picota cherry colour with schemes that bring us to mind ruby colour and with a medium/high  colour intensity.

Olfactory: Very expresive wine with a right aromatic intensity and aromas that bring us to mind flowers (violets), honey and raisin  black fruits (plum and grape) over a daintly  toasted base.

Palate: Once tasted, it is  fresh and pleasant. In its way along the month  it is fleshy and greedy. With good body and estructure, it has the right acidity. Although its tanin is noticeable, it is tasty. The aftertaste is appetising  bringing us to mind candied black fruit.

 Serving suggestions: Serving temperature: 14-18ºC. Oxygenation at least 5 minutes before serving.

 Gastronomy / Wine-pairing:  Ideal with white and red meats, stews, “cocido gallego”, barbecued steak, small game, greasy  fish, rice, seasoned pasta, matured and semi-matured cheese.

Bruno Lovelle, Sumiller