This product faithfully reflects our effort at choosing the best grapes in select vineyards of the Quiroga and San Clodio valleys..


Visual: Pale-yellow with golden and greenish schemes, clean and bright with a thick and gliceride tear.
Olfactory: Right aromatic intensity with aromas that bring us to mind ripe white fruit (pear) and nuts (peanuts) over a herbaceous base.
Palate: Once tasted, it is fresh and gentle. In its way along the mouth it is light, appetissing of medium body, with a vibrant acidity anda subtle tannin. The aftertaste is long and elegant, bringing us to mind nuts and fruit compote.
Serving suggestions: Serving te·mperature: 11-14°C. Aeration at least 5 minutes before serving.
Gastronomy/wine-pairing: White and blue fish grilled or griddled; white meat; traditional stew and roast, not too muen seasoned; rice and pasta served with meat or fish and semi-soft cheese paste

Bruno Lovelle, Sumiller