We started this project with a clear objective: Creating the best possible wine.

Quality is our foremost business interest. Our most valuable asset is within the reach of very few: a millenary tradition in the privileged environment of the Ribeira Sacra.

What makes the difference between an ordinary wine and a great wine is respect for the ingredients. That is why all our vineyards are worked and harvested exclusively by hand, with the care and the experience handed down from generation to generation.

We craft our wines naturally and it is this great little gesture that allows the personality of the Ribeira Sacra to manifest itself in every glass.

In our vineyards we only work with traditional, ecological and sustainable agricultural techniques.

Different wines every year, in limited editions and bottled just at the precise moment when the wine has reached its optimum point of maturation.

Grateful to the earth,  the air,  the water, to all the elements that contribute something to our vines. That’s why our small winery is powered exclusively by renewable energies.

the stories of our wines