This product faithfully reflects our effort at choosing the best grapes in select vineyards of the Quiroga and San Clodio Valleys.

10 LUNAS copia

Visual: A picota cherry colour with schemes that bring us to mind the violet color and some terracotta tonalities with a medium colour intensity.
Olfactory: Right aromatic intensity with aromas bringing us to mind ripe, nearly to raisin black fruit (blackberry,plum) overa noticeable but light balsamic base. With a mild presence of fresh and kind toasted.
Palate: Once tasted, it is powerful but pleasant. In its way along the mouth it is vibrant and tasty, with a greedy acid of filling body anda fresh and light tannin. With a long and appetizing aftertaste bringing us to mind candied black fruit and spices.
Serving suggestions: Serving temperature: 14-16°C. Oxygenation at least 10 minutes before serving.
Gastronomy/Wine pairing: Ideal with white and red meats, stews, ”cocido gallego”, barbecueds teak, small game, greasyf ish, rice, seasoned pasta, matured and semimatured cheese.

Bruno Lovelle, Sumiller